Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Keeping close to a mobile phone can cause serious damage to the health

Keeping close to a mobile phone can cause serious damage to the health
Keeping close to the mobile phone causes serious damage to the health of the sleep. Nowadays, everyone has a habit that they sleep well with the mobi.  This habit is especially seen in young people, but keeping the mobile phone in good condition leads to serious health problems.  Network radiation is the reason behind it being constantly running in mobile.  According to a study, mobile radiation causes many health problems.  There is a possibility of headache, headache, sleep depreciation, fatigue, depression, ear aches and deafness.  Some of which have been shown in the long term.  Mostly people came in such a small.  Do not pay attention to things.  But the fact is that mobile radiation affects health as serious.  According to a World Health Organization report in 2016, there is a possibility of cancer from mobile radiation.  It has also been said in the interaction study that due to overuse of mobile phones continuously for 8-10 years, the fear of brain tumors increases even more.  Moreover, according to a research done in Hungry, the youth who use mobile even when they are sleeping increases the chance of having psychiatric diseases.  Airplane mode in mobile is not afraid of radiation while sleeping.

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