Thursday, June 6, 2019

Valio Mate Rahat:Tamam Khangi Schoolo Ma Aek Sarkhi Fee Levama Aavshe

Valio Mate Rahat:Tamam Khangi Schoolo Ma Aek Sarkhi Fee Levama Aavshe
T. Before the verdict
comes to the Supreme Court, the government's new ordinance will be a great relief to the parents: All private schools have a similar fee, whatever the school, the monthly fee will be 12 thousand. Suketah has ordered Shahadabad. The government has implemented Rs. 15 thousand, following the decision of the law in respect of fee disbursement, the parents will have to decide between 25 thousand and 27 thousand rupees in fees, and the decision will be great relief for the ratification fee, due to the government's decision. The law which has been passed by the Supreme Court, is to be given to the majority of school administrators by giving the key to the capitalists of the kind who wish to pay 12 thousand crores annually. Was collected. On seeing the school on the other hand, in the Supreme Court, in the Supreme Court, in the Supreme Court, the administrators of the state schools were hearing an appeal before the fourth Appellate Tribunal and challenging the indefensible fees law passed by the students in the High Court before it was collected. Guardians Was there. Whose decision has been made after prolonged arguments. The government's fee-fixation law has been kept in mind by the government from time to time. Schools were deliberately ratified while performing. According to this decision, the Government of Gujarat was collecting fees in the same way. Following that, the school administrators had allocated a uniform fee in all the schools of the Supreme Court by the fees charged by the government last year,

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