Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The summer vacation in schools is one week long way

The summer vacation in schools is one week long way
On 10th June instead
of June 10, the Administrator Mahamandal introduced the education minister to the summer vacations in the schools for one week to be delayed.
Navgujarat time> Ahmedabad in April - 2020 days to be adjusted. If the summer session of the new academic session is not implemented in the state, the impact on the days of Amas started on June 10 What can be done by the Board of Governors as it is done, Gujarat Government can be cautious these days It is also mentioned in the report that in the April-20, Additional Commissioner of Education was requested to complete the days of the summer and the number of days was completed, demand was made for the vacation, as a result of not having received the same pattern in the last 10 years. Instead of extending the state from 17th June, books can be completed even if the books are to be started Demand is likely to have been the beginning of bavava. Apart from this, the admission festival has been declared by the government and changes have been made in addition to the reasons for this, in the second week of June, in order to organize the entrance. Students present in the state are present in the presence of the present. The proposals have been sent to the education minister, and for the purpose of leasing the vacation, due to non-availability of the vacancy, the state government has reduced the number of cars in the state, 10 in the state, besides, after the Surat Code, after the completion of the summer vacation from the extended June in the wake of the school teachers' queries, Discussions of classes - were considered. Pune's education work will start. But different | In addition to taking breaks of summer vacation, students should be able to sit down and leave a vacation problem, so that the schools were discussed in a meeting and extended it, and the state schools should be started by arranging a proposal to set up children from 17th June. It is possible to apply the vacation to the Minister of Education, Mr. Bhupendrasinh Chudasama. The main reason is, Mercury 42, as stated, was introduced '. In which the summer degree is 45 degrees. Weather Gujarat State School Administrator gives an alert to the Department of Expansion, which is extended for a week, when the Mahan Mandal Executive meeting and similar demands were sought. The students were given a seat of difficulty because of the heat. In order to extend vacation to Gujarat State School Administrator, the meeting was told in the meeting of all the district's district headquarters, Bhaskar Patel.

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