Saturday, June 8, 2019

Online presence in colleges from 10th June is not going to college by Vidyasabha;

Online presence in colleges from 10th June is not going to college by Vidyasabha
Work? H in the past L . Commerce | Higher education in the state's 109 colleges and universities On the issue of presence in government colleges and technical departments of Life Sciences, there was an attack on mobile in 48 colleges of HOD education. The presence of the online presence in GIT College was shocked. This application will be implemented in the state from next 10th of June on the system. Will run in education. So every college using Wifi technology is welcome but it has to be built. What is the need to teach students not just to show the presence of the Internet and to improve the quality of education? Which college do you spend for WiFi? That question was discussed today. Who will nurse? What will college do if a student closes the question of presence in mobile / college? There are patches. 70% attendance is required in colleges, by the technical commissioner's office of Commerce, Arts and Sciences. In the government colleges, the students of CCTV and the students do not go to college, they have started monitoring the Mama and most of the principals have done this because of the principal and the complaint. Although attendance is complete and administrative passes rather than teaching faculty, attendance does not get elevated from work.

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