Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Kaccha anē saurāṣṭra kāṇṭhē āvatīkālē sān̄jē vāyu Kaccha anē saurāṣṭra kāṇṭhē āvatīkālē sān̄jē vāyu vāvājhōḍuṁ trāṭakaśē

Kaccha anē saurāṣṭra kāṇṭhē āvatīkālē sān̄jē vāyu vāvājhōḍuṁ trāṭakaśē
In Gujarat, rainforests
in Kachchh and Saurashtra, on the occasion of 12th Wednesday, the possibility of storming in the winds of wind will change in the tigers of 80 to 100 & amp; nbsp; mi. At the speed of the hurricane Makata, W. lani Swinnim, on 13th and 17th June, may be able to produce 1m in monorail, as well as the wind: - The possibility of damaging the houses in the month of Pan Maha is prone to damage, the name has been reduced to "thunderbolt hurricane", Monday afternoon at one o'clock Due to the delay in setting up of Darjeeling Jail of Veraval in Muran, 30 km away from the state's metropolis, the Chakwat dipadipan The third position. In the future, the honorable Kahan Khan will defeat the world over the wounds. It's also going as well. On Monday, in the footsteps of the minister, the Chief Secretary, Mr. Pankaj Kumar, was given the detailed information about the status of possible emissary in the meeting, on the chairmanship of the revenue secretary, Mr. Pankaj Kumar, on the chairmanship of the high-level Crate Murderer, Nane Nikhar and the officials of the respective departments. ND Baracchi teams are kept in a state of affairs. On Tuesday, the guidelines of the department will be done on the basis of this taxation, the tax on access to the request of Damanakantha, which is not the only way to curse which coastline, but on Wednesday, the weather is going on. Moe Small Winnie is saying that the rainfall of 80 to 100 kilometers is not possible on the tigers of 13 th and 1 p in Kanta Maa and there is a possibility that there will be an application for wound up till the end. I used to remix a new human being to measure the masses so that the direct telescope of many of the

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