Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Heavy rain forecast in both districts today

Heavy rain forecast in both districts today
Rainfall is created as a part of Pimonsoon activity with the effect of air storm. From the last four days, creating a cloudy atmosphere, Patta and Banaskantha are falling apart. On Monday, even after noon the wind blown up in many areas of the two districts, there was a lot of rain in some places. Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department has predicted heavy rains in some parts of North Gujarat including Patan and Banaskantha and Sabarkantha and Aravali on Tuesday. Monsoon has not started yet, but due to the impact of hurricanes, heavy rainfall can occur, both the district system has been proved. The killer system has been started by all the talukas. . Air cyclonic cyclone stomach is said to be in depression. The Meteorological Department has predicted heavy to heavy rains in North Gujarat on Tuesday due to cyclone on the coastal coast of Karnataka. Patan and Banaskantha can be extremely heavy rainfall even before the normalization of the monsoon in the state of low pressure begins. The Meteorological Department has announced the possibility of heavy rains due to the severe cyclonic damage caused by depression. Wind can also blow with a heavy thunderstorm. The effect of this condition can be triggered due to the weakness of air pressure due to the effect of air. On one hand it was not until the morning of the day that the story changed

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