Thursday, May 16, 2019

Wife can be divorced if her husband stays in separation from her father-in-law

Wife can be divorced if her husband stays in separation from her father-in-law
Wife's elderly mother-in-law,
husband can divorce her if she is able to stay separate from her husband: Supreme Court has no son to any child that any son of any woman has the responsibility to take care of the responsibility of the parents of the elderly parents in the care of their parents, Can not stop the maintenance of the responsibility. R. of Suniman Jasmine Dave and Suprem wrote in his verdict that in this Hindu households in India, The Supreme Court has said. However, it is not in practice that any ly speaks to her husband, Havan is old again, New Delhi? Any woman or woman who abandons her husband's family after marrying a woman is left to stay separate, while the family becomes separated from the husband's elderly parents in the family, when the only son of the husband's husband earns at home, then never A son demanded that his mother not be able to use Eid to take full advantage of his father Ray and I consider yajaye. At such times, by presenting the duty of being separated from the elderly parents, she becomes the moral and legal liability of her husband to the family's work, that is of an older mother. If she does not, then her husband is not like this. It has been said that the Hon'ble Supreme Court has been able to keep track of their income when they have stopped or have lost their income. He has to take special care of his parents by giving western thinking ideology aside. The Supreme Court, in its farcical verdict, is incompetent with some conservatism and politeness, that is why this comment was approved by the consent of a couple of bisexuals.

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