Friday, May 31, 2019

Now you have to celebrate birthday berth in the house, not to be celebrated in public

The public can not be publicly held for violation of the order,
it will be punishable under section 188 (paan bhaskar news), cylinders of tape or chemicals etc. In the public domain, in the last one year, a case is being used publicly or indiscriminately in public in Gandhinagar publicly. In which the youth will be hit on the threshold by the youth It is possible to celebrate birth day or other holidays and birth day or other holidays and birth day bumps, seleotypes like celebrating the disrupting birth day of the vehicle by committing a disruption to the public at 12 o'clock. Stopping, foaming will take place from May 18 onwards. In which they will often be executed till 16th of July. If they do not get hurt then the news in 'Divya Bhaskar' is a violation of this order. The people who were living around with it were published on 18th May, 188 with the Indian Penal Code and will also be punished according to the public property. The public also damages the ban. The official ban on the celebration has been put in place by a Gandhinagar near the garden garden or officer. In the place where the pre-video was already viral, the district magistrate got permission from Gandhinagar. On 17th May, Divya Bhaskar executed his S. That Langa said that such celebration by holding a stand against the permission of the Gandhinagar District Magistrate and the night in the city area were an exception under this order, which would be considered as public gardening, gardens and roads during Gandhinagar. Before this, SP Mayur Chavda was celebrated on May 18 in the streets, bridges or other public places in Surat, where such celebrations were banned, in the banned places. The imposition of which has imposed a ban on the collector. The other person has taken such meditation by accepting it through the Gandhigram district. #News of Gujarat #GET NEWS GET | TCN Google Play

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