Sunday, May 5, 2019

Believe it or not, the actual 39-year-old woman has 38 children

Believe it or not, the actual 39-year-old woman has 38 children
Believe it or not, the fact is that the 39 year old woman has 38 children
T 12 years of marriage: the first child of 13 years: 6 times the twins are born in Uganda. 26: A 39-year-old has been three years today. If a woman has 38 children, would you believe that?
In the interview, Mary said, 'But now this is my fact. Mary of the Ugandan has full time to keep the story of a woman named Nabatongji, the essence of her children - something to keep and earn money. Mary's marriage goes small. 38 children were in need of age. Mary is difficult to cope with when she is married. My children were only 12 years old. At the age of 13 is very wise. Older children gave birth to babies younger than before. Care for the brothers and sisters, most of Mary's children, Twins, have time to earn me. Mary is married to 6 times of twins, after talking to a doctor. '| 4 times 3 children and 3 times 4 - Never use birth control pills, Mary's childhood is very sad. Has given birth to 4 children. This was done and children were born. Passed Mary has a total of 38 children in Mary's three days. The special thing is that the mother of 38 children passed away after her mother died. Then the first time Mary, when the mother Mary was raised by a boy alone, the father of Mary married another. When he became a doctor, he was on the birth control. But let's take care of stepmother The doctor asked for advice. But at the last pregnancy of the doctor, Mary was not even good. The stepmother said to him that the Barth control had to face many troubles of medicine. Poisoning to Mary's brother. | Use can prove to be lethal. For the sixth time, Mary killed twins. Mary said, | The doctor told her that her womb was born, but one of her children could not survive her father's different women compared to other women. At the same time, there is a total of 45 children because of their relationship with Mary, so that twins can be born. The husband abandoned her and went away. This is the incident. (21.9)

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