Friday, April 19, 2019

Puruṣōtī bēvaphā'ītēmanā cahērā parathī dēkhā'ī āvē chē: Śōdha

Puruṣōtī bēvaphā'ītēmanā cahērā parathī dēkhā'ī āvē chē: Śōdha
It is difficult to make such a
knee compared to women: Men's disloyalty is seen on their faces: Search Your eyes eat your falsehood.
Scientists have found that women can know by looking at a man's face, whether he will deceive them or not, but seeing the male women can not know it! The University of Western scientists also asked researchers in Australia to ask whether a similar group of 1 500 people have been shown to have sex with a sex partner, as well as a 19-year-old Caucasian adult age suspected of unfaithfulness. In the research, there were 101 men and 88 or 50 different women images. Before 70 percent of the cultures showed pictures, the relationship with the other's partner was asked to make that, and 60 did they say to their colleagues that they cheated success? After that, he remained. Scientists believe in the people involved in the research that they were told that the results of the pictures were not as expected, and people met between one and ten. Men will rate people. One number has succeeded in identifying giving it, who never betrayed someone who could give their own number to the partner's partner and give them the number 10, but they would be cheated. When the women's turn came

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