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Prophecy of rain in the year of Diwali this year

Prophecy of rain in the year of Diwali this year
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This year, the prediction of rain is going on till Diwali this year till December - the reservoirs will be flooded: the water table will rise (1 more than
the new year, Chatt Panchag - According to Jyotish Shastra, this year the monsoon will start with the Praveen in the Sun's Orion Star on June 7. The first constellation is the Khatcher animal frog, in the districts of JP 7 According to VJbhai Joshi, Gokanan Ashram Malasar, according to the Shukshi Vajjhai Joshi, three nights of this year are due to their vehicle due to heavy rains, due to the windstorm of the constellation vans, therefore, there will be no rain in the rain. When the east gate of Fangui and Chitra constellation is the cage). On both of these occasions, the rain fall from August 31 to September 13, is nude on the north, with the possibility of heavy wind blowing storms in cities like Rohro Okha, Dwarka, Somnath, Veraval, Porbandar, Chorwad, Mangrol, Kandla, Valsad and Surat. Fluid, moving forward from the shore is a vogue of infiltration. From September 1 to 27, the vehicle of North Fagu constellation is due, in the time period, heavy rainfall will occur in various districts, river, canal, lake, flood crop, Orion starts from September 29 (Dense). Which until ne October 2 During this period, the Navratri is started from October and October is a boon for losing two units. Thus, the festival was celebrated on October 10. Clouds in Navratri surrounded by wind, wind blows where rain rains And there is a good turn in Navaratha Charaip and Navratri Chhathip in the last year, according to Gajanan Shastra Malasena Akshar Rastri Kijay Joshi. Rainstorms and fruit. | Given the distribution, this year the rainy season starts from June 7, after which the completion of the festival is Deeposhavi. Which will be November, which is worrying. | Analyst | T (darthas) value z "angel Augustine io August | Rainfall in the sun during which there are 500 to 5 days in various places in the South-east. Haley Pandey, there will be Potala Bung Sunrase Navratri Festival Sandra Rain Migha Yitra, p from July onwards. August 20th August | 11 to 2 October Kuldeep Sardesai's rain falls in Gujarat There is no need to rehabilitate the freezing rain on the area. T Gustav n September 24th October, honey beats, clouds | I do not know Cautious on October 30, October # 1, Breaking News GET IT ON Google

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