Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Prime Minister Narendra Modi does not ask 20 questions which media

Prime Minister Narendra Modi does not ask 20 questions which media
Prime Minister Narendra Modi will not be given the 20 questions that the media will never be asked,
(a) when special courts will be formed to prevent accusations and black bars,
(8) how long will special funds for women with rape and acid attack suffer. (9) Promise to provide financial assistance to senior citizens (10) Farmers were given arrangements to provide less than 5% benefits to their cost, what happened to them. (11) 50 tourists were going to be circuits, when would be, DE (12) what happened to the number of courts to decide. (3) In order to increase the number of women in judicial courts First place me in 16 directions. During the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, BJP gave some promises to the people of India in the number of progress in the number of their (14) number of steps to double the number. Who has been . In the Nine Years, the BJP had also said that, (15) Food Corporation of India is divided into 3 parts and we also do it. BJP said what happened to the plan. In the context of some questions, all these questions will be when the 2014 election of BJP (e) women's entities will be established. Naukshha has been extracted from the Bhaadra letter. 3 years ago | (7) When will the establishment of banks run by women, after 5 - I am about these promises and the work done on it. How many banks have been created. I want new . (18) What happened to the dreams of making Aaiyas in each Rajpati, how many 1) will be the six new cities in the country? Work has been started in the states. 2) Developed 100 backward districts of the country was done . In the remaining states, the districts were to be included in the districts. It will continue to work. (19) To reduce the bad debts of banks, namely, NPA 3) To become a national WiFi network. When he did that work, he had no plan for the tax. Will start (20) Sewage Treatment Plant for cleaning the rivers 4) How to operate diamond quadrangle bullet train. How much progress has been made in the laboratory work Has gone ahead. The list of promises is very long. And written commitments 5) The separate rail network for agricultural production is started or until. Narendra Modi gave the promises made at the election meeting. It is not being talked about now, 6) When the supply of blood through the tap in the house at all - Dilip Kandla will be there.

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