Sunday, April 21, 2019

Modi has betrayed the country, let's not loot the lotus: CRPF jawan

   Modi has betrayed the country, let's not loot the lotus: CRPF jawan
New Delhi has been killing you so much, 5 show

that you have so far - what did you say in his regime after the Maoist attack in Sukma - that he has betrayed the country, and has not betrayed the country
by complaining of CRPF going on in the social media? Whether the Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, criticized your Home Minister Rajnath Singh, whether CRPF jawan Pankaj Mishra did not understand why he The campaign has opened the door again. He has said that the minister is the Minister of Tourism and he has betrayed debt by the Prime Minister - Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Have been given with the nation. We have now betrayed the lotus, do not let them join the nation. Apologize 'Pankaj Mishra has more than one video sledge against some system, in his Facebook account, against a system of military command troops. In this video, if he has a key to the prime minister, then he will be angry with the lotus flower in 201 and he will not be able to drench the mud on Narendra Modi and Rajnath Singh. Such an offense has been targeted in social media. Pankaj Mishra is showing Rajnath Singh and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Earlier, BSF - in his video, many of his demands were targeted against Modi in a video, targeting him on the right way. On October 7, it was said that Pankaj criticized Rajnath Singh in this video, which was lodged in complaining of not being given after the Sukmakand. The video was placed in the social media, after two days of fasting, I was arrested. The investigation has led to a tragedy in Marmi. When I started to say I was hit. After that, there are many vices that if it has been framed. Rajnathji came in publicly what this did.

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