Monday, April 15, 2019

If you are free to watch the channel which is free to pay, then why pay Rs 130 for free

If you are free to watch the channel which is free to pay, then why pay Rs 130 for free
If you call a fee, watch the channel which is free, then pay Rs. 130 Why compulsory? (By Representative) Surat, Friday |
The biggest question is that channel The new rules of 

Trai for entertaining people are actually done See if he has to pay only There is a lot of entertainment happening.
The rest of the people are crying. One-sided government. | Why compulsory 10 channels in i30. | Now the entertainment of the public has been announced by double shore that you channel it Are given ? It is said so More has happened. To get the package, look for the same and pay Rs That's 10 channel fr and it's back. | Maheshbhai said that the people from the government towards everyone in the house Plus 30 rupees plus GST is collected Because of different choices, many compulsions cost Rs. 30 being provided. | Is there. This channel has to be taken with people, so you like 100 channels in the package costs 130 There is a lot of resentment among people. 2 600 rupees. Before that you can take a letter and not even a rupee There are so many channels from channels that have increased in number two. And the channels which are free to pay. The Government's Duplicate | If viewers are not available, then payne is charged for it. There is a lot of anger in them. | It has to be done. This 100 channel. | I do not see much of the channel except if I have so many channels What is the government's 130 fold package? . . I do not want to charge 30 times at least 30 times from this package. So Kumudben said that earlier 270 required. . . This extra 20 or 45 rupees must be taken. Second, if you were going to pay Rs. Now what is the selection channel? . . . We got 130 out of 10 130 apathetic people If you do not want to have a happy channel coming within 200, then you will not have to pay it Charged to be the government's package of 130 But the mandatory 130 pens are heavy, no. . ? Such catalytic questions have a cable. If the package of other channels is not affordable, even if they do not want to pack the package, do not wait for the operators' offer for two days but the government's package has to be taken. . Should be an exercise to take the initiative. This is compulsory. The operators keep additional people in this package by car people The government has launched a white robbery against the new rules and packages Cut to a favorite channel to make. | | Are going to put Because the so called channels | Providing information, but it does not Has been there. One cable operator said that if the charge of 130 is minimized then it can not be possible. Whether the operator looks happy or not the cable holders. | It will be beneficial for all. The picture is there. This is the groom, counting 100 channels in free, with 130 GST It is a waste of time: Conspiracy against the government's double policy

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