Monday, April 1, 2019

If Modi comes back to power, the country will hit the country. Fan Jawan

If Modi comes back to power, the country will hit the country. Fan Jawan
Posted on: ShareChat Posted by: @ govind_ official C shareChat India will pay back Rs.1,31,100 million dollars to power again if there is power in India: World Bank Challenge News C Array, P. BJP can not give a single crossover to power again for FNA. The Government of India has been using the help of the government within the Play
government to bring the money to the poor and the rich, the poor and the poor and the poor and the poor and the poor and the poor. , Seems to be doing on the country, Lalit Modi's lawyer is the Union Minister of 1311 million dollar debt. Pashnor P. Fahin is the daughter of Swa Swaraj, who is a scam of 2,000 crores of Kubis, is under the scanner. JIM Y @ NG KIM lawyer Arun Jaitley's daughter is the Prime Minister in the last five years. May the Mayawati fighters and Modi over the world citizen of the world, 2 to 51 rupees put the country in a terrible state. Deep scandal - The work of spreading lies is to re-envision the nations of the world. Government ministers have done this. There is a good opportunity for the country to get 9 million different Prime Ministers, Mallya, Lalit Modi, BJP Jinnah again and Modi RSS-B Japi Bori Ministries 119 crore Churu Nirav Shah etc. If the country becomes the prime minister of millions, then for the country - due to the economy. If you run away with a word in the name of poetry / Dhan, the tax situation will arise, not the tag, Narendra Modi has killed Khachar by the Rakshacharad ban. B. eye . The government could not do anything. The country will get relief in the country, the country's constitution will cost 28 crore from the expenditure incurred around the world, will change on the basis of the gap of rich poverty, democracy has been eradicated in the country, P. F. pensioner has 20000. In the country, unemployment, nirvas fibers, special emphasis on the use of millions of utensils in the country, inequality in the country will be lost, the country will also be affected by the transgression of internation organization DiKT, GST and Nutbandi atrocities, injustice. In the rage of rage, chaparacha, because of the world number one falls due to 1, 10, 000 00 being sensitive. Poor Lifestyle and Clemage magazine sacked Asia's most jobs Narendra Modi will be forced to do 200 crores, again called Chambaloo's biggest strife country. Each year, 20 million jobs are spent on foreign travel, stay alive. Instead of measuring the 'great country', not to eat, instead of measuring the size of 1 crore 10 lakh 30 crore, the job of reducing the color of red color is not over. Narendra Modi's job has been snatched. That can happen, at 42 GCORAD Kumbh fairs, the leopard can be used by the government to increase the largest unemployment - Bhu Khamrai in the 7th year - but it is said to be 44 2et Sixth. Born In 2014, hunger pepper - Why are the devotees sitting sad? India was at 54th position, bringing Narendra Modi to a new level. I second devotee: - What to do is not able to make a simple war battle, but the country is at 73th place. This made the government's lamps. Every Nambali - Saab and Nitithi, each of the people of the country, got rid of Raphael file sahibe. #A = April 1 News GET IT N G00gle

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