Friday, April 5, 2019

Hu modi Nathi,Jutthu Nahi Bolu,Garibona Khatama 72₹ Hajar Aavasej

Hu modi Nathi,Jutthu Nahi Bolu,Garibona Khatama 72₹ Hajar Aavasej
Congress promises to give special state status to the Congress President,
I am not Modi, I will not say wrong, 72 thousand will be in the accounts of the poor: Rahul New Delhi,
Ta 31 are doing a surgical strike on the poor and poverty will be done. Congress President Rahul Gandhi said that Rahul Gandhi had promised during Congress campaign in this region that if he comes to power, if he comes to power, then Andhra Pradesh will strike a special state status. He alleged that the central government will be given Modi government. Modi has done a surgical strike on the poor, we will do poverty and we will call it a loss. Congress President will make the people of Andhra Pradesh, he will create India, in which all are equals, medicine. Modi had destroyed the MNREGA project, claiming that the center's Modi government Get rights and rights. With Rahul | He also accused the lynching, he has taken pride in the people of Azeem, who said that the Congress government has its own. Said that the Congress has gone back to the promise of a special state of the country and the poor. We do this on promise. | | Watch out, Modi gives Anil Ambani's love to the country During Congress campaign in Khandpur, Rahul Gandhi further said that the allegation of defying justice like Diday, Mallya, Nirv Modi is a non-violent weapon of the day, whose #R destroyed the country from poverty. Promises are fulfilled and therefore only MNREGA which is important in MNREGA development. We brought the package, as well as each of us. | Launching the scheme, along with the Survey mandated that the Modi had | The implementation of two T schemes was also implemented in India and Thane and Ami M India brought the law like education, RTI. But all of them destroyed Modi. Rahul has divided into demand and towards the poor. | | Rahul said that I had accused Narendra Modi that the watchman did not pay attention just because Vijay Mallya is not and I do not speak lies. Modi lied | Modi has worked for stealing the country's money and watching him Anil Nirv Modi They said they would give money to the poor Ambani has given up. When Nirv Modi came to power, after coming to power, neither one nor the other, instead of the poor, gave money to the rich and vandalized Vijay Mallya.

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