Saturday, April 20, 2019

Havē rōṅga sā'īḍa āvyā tō lā'īsansa tarata ja saspēnḍa cālu vāhanē mōbā'īla para vāta karanārā, sīṭabēlṭa nabāndhanārānā lā'īsansa paṇa ān̄cakī lēvā nirṇaya

Now, if the wrong side arrives, the license will immediately suspend the current vehicle, talking on the mobile, the decision to seize the license of the seat belt
Now, if the wrong side is suspended
, the license will immediately suspend the mobile phone, talk to the mobile,
and also to seize the license of the seat belt. The license can be canceled in such a crime, the government has red eye against issuing licenses and traffic rules. • Licensing of RTI executives, If the seat belt is not constructed, the authority to immediately suspend the RTO has been done on mobile. . Now the vehicle Cheng-Sai comes with a running 'Kaktiar forest', and the vehicle is fast in the car, talking to the compliant RTO mobile in the direction of the current vehicle. There is no seat belt for suspending the license at, vehicle | In order to prevent traffic police in the case of traffic police - Valin Pane driving licenses for violation of the rules of the carriage of the Wolf Creek rules, the RTO will take several RTO officers, and the organizations should take the responsibility of the movement. The licenses have been suspended, the decision will be taken against the parties' argument, only the license Suspended license, if any of the traffic violation of the traffic memorandum of any kind has been suspended, the licensing of the licenses notified to the courts for the minimum amount of money in the crime was done.RTO had decided that the decision of the higher court would be decided by J. P. P. Munia is pending in Play Marta Rt., due to lack of time, the process of suspension can be speeded up. The police has deposited the license of the licenses in the possession of licenses by the government, and the police officers have been deposited, where the licenses given will be more severe, the former officers will be liable, if there is a general injury in the accident, telling them immediately in the RTO. Is there. In the case of prosecution of prosecution of Hissons, who will be suspended and will be seriously injured or killed, seven officers in the soil will be decided to suspend the jaalaisans after hearing both parties. RTO S. P. Muniya said that there are mercenaries in the accident. "The hearing will be held to suspend the seriousness of the licenses.

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