Thursday, April 25, 2019

Have an ATM Card? You also have 5 lakh insurance

Have an ATM Card? You also have 5 lakh insurance
Not giving According to Ascimation,
today most people use different ATM cards till death, but there is another advantage of ATMs to provide compensation that can be compensated.
For this, ATM officials do not have to pay any money to the majority of the public. No one If you have a government or non-governmental ATM card, the bank's ATM is automatic in your bank, then you can get accidental insurance automatically by availing accident insurance in the bank. The rule is that this insurance has increased from 4 to 25000, that if an ATM crop has died in an accident of five lakh rupees, then in the event of the death of the scheme many years the families have been compensated by the bank but 90-95% people will get it. This plan is not known to bank customers. Since the bank is the same, but the bank never gives such information to the customer,

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