Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Gujarat Mathi Daru Bandhi Udhavi Levase

Gujarat Mathi Daru Bandhi Udhavi Levase
As part of adhering to equal rights, the prohibition will be abolished. Article 370 will be abolished in Kashmir, prohibition will also be lifted from Gujarat. Vadodara, Raj Panchal, after the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, issue of region comes. If a citizen of the country is an Indian, then after the implementation of the Code of Conduct, Article 370 of the country's rights to comply with the rights, then the citizens of Gujarat like this .
O A spokesman said that in the other states of the country, the reply to the Supreme Court should not be adhered to in the response to the prohibition. Will do it. Moreover, Vankunu is the only person from Gujarat that he or she will also take anti-liquor prohibition of the Model Code of Conduct. After the nation's birthplace of Gujarat, Gujarat remains under the prohibition of prohibition of Gujarat? Mahatma Gandhiji will be taken to Raipita. 1, 600 is not the same as given to all citizens but as the nation's father, the coastal rights have to be obeyed. According to the Indian Constitution, it is worshiped. There are numerous tourist places in Gujarat. Gujarat is prohibited from imposing prohibition in Gujarat. It is unfortunate that Gujarat is prohibited from being prohibited from being prohibited in Gujarat. In Gujarat, in the Supreme Court, prohibition of liquor from Gujarat, every year, millions of rupees of rupees have been issued by the citizens of the state, saying that the same amount of revenue earned by the government Have to lose All the news papers on this page of 'Country' are locked in my #

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