Thursday, April 11, 2019

Bose Jagdish Thakor will not be able to hurt both the parties

Bose Jagdish Thakor will not be able to hurt both the parties
I will be a Kingmaker in Gujarat,
Jagdish Thakor will be harassing both the parties. Alpesh Thakor,
Congress MLA from Radhanpur and All India Congress Minister, Alipesh Thakore gave his resignation after giving a resignation in the conversation with Divya Bhaskar that he will not work against Jagdish Thakor of Patan Congress candidate Jagdish Thakor. It is worth mentioning that Thakore tried his best to get the ticket instead of Jagdish Thakor with Congress' alarms. Excerpts of conversation with Principal Acharya. Bhaskar: There was no objection to Jagadish Thakor, who was the person of your 2022 Gujarat. So I will throw the roots. I am not a leader: I am the leader of the Thakor community, but with the support of the people I am honorable and I will make someone else's leader. There is no conflict. By doing so I could not believe my community: your father's guru Shankarsinh Droh. Thakore Samaj will learn from the life of any Vaghela? Will not work against a person. Banaskantha Lok Sabha - Congress will run in Unjha assembly: I will try to defeat the BJP by politically adopting. The decision is not to be taken. I am a sincere person and I take a sincere decision. MY BHARAT: Did you join hands with the BJP and the constant ignorance of my peers? Because of this I am taking this step now. Now Alpesh: I still say I'm waiting for what Congress is doing. Even if he wants to resign from the Legislative Assembly, the Legislature Chairman is not meeting him because I have to serve people to perform for the removal of five years and MLAs, but till then I can. In the Legislative Assembly, the ruling party and the Opposition Bhaskar: What happened in the past year will be against the agenda of both the agenda. Congress is now alpesh Thakor Hedge Bhaskar: Talks of joining BJP are not important. Running, what's the deal? Alumni: Our guardian and alpesh of the region: I do not want to go to BJP. I do not take any steps for Rahul Gandhi's greed or for the sake of the people, because seriously, because after completing fifty years at the party, I would like to be echo and discipline.

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