Sunday, March 17, 2019

PUBG upar pratibandh pachhi mukjo chein snechar, butlegarne to pakdo


  Keep the responsibility of protecting the people rather than the contentious Tuka, after the ban on the public Chain snatch, hold bootlegger (GU) GIR | "The police asked for a review, social media was raging heavily," Ahmedabad said in a 2-commentary statement that 5 parents have been caught in the 5-bogey game game abroad, and in the 5-game game play abroad, the responsibility of children's children is being discussed with vigorously. Parents also need to be aware of it but the responsibility of the youth to choose the responsibility of the police is more important. In this game, there is an adverse effect on Yuva Manas, but in the day, Facebook is affecting the game of Pabadya. Police in the city have been affected by the police Commissioner on Twitter and social media stuck on 5 bg game. Parents had their children The police barricaded more than 150 comments, police said, adding that the police was surprised that the police had been keeping the information. The third game's restrictions on the tweeter should have been the offspring of action against the wrong pambaji game play and the Review have people make comments that will not affect Review sought on Facebook Police khijayela many people sarcasm. Alcohol. Cigarettes, was stuck on tobacco. According to the revision, stop alcohol, gooseberries and ban as well, that is why police can not be prosecuted. Harmful people gave alcohol, chain snatching and similar feedback for the future of children catching chain snachers and bootlaughters. Some are What has been more remarkable about the work behind this fabled fabulous work?

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