Sunday, March 24, 2019

Aa Varse 20 thi 25 Ench Varsad padavani Aagahi

Aa Varse 20 thi 25 Ench Varsad padavani Aagahi


Rainfall of 20 to 25 inches of rainfall this year forecast:
Holi rain show in Kolhalpaa According to Hhesimbhai, Nileshbhai, Jayeshbhai, Mukeshbhai, of Kavalakampa Yavak Mandal of Khedbrahma Khedbrahma Taluka, where Holi is going to be published. According to which there is a north-east, one pit is first dug, therefore the Ashdha, the south, the Shravan and the four directions north, south and west, are considered as bhadarva, four in the east and four in the soil. This is 10% in the year. Support is given to Shravan, 15% on it, 10% filled with water, and 10% rain in the Horoscope is predicted for 20 to 25 inches of rain in the Kundali, after Holi is celebrated. This year, 1 degree baked! Opening will be done according to the moisture opened. Picture - Junket carpenter!

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